Unit 9

Quelle Online

Firstly, click here to open the Quelle website.

The website will open into a different window - use your mouse to click between the two windows (or ALT-TAB to do it more quickly).

Q1: To start with, try to make sense of the homepage to choose where to go. Match up the French phrases with their English translations.


1. questions/réponses

2. offres d'emploi

3. les bonnes affaires Quelle


4. les offres de la saison


5. actualités


6. le Club privilège


7. catalogue


8. votre shopping


9. commande des articles des catalogues papiers


10. suivi des commandes


11. contactez-nous


12. demande de catalogue


13. assurances


14. Quelle International

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Any questions you got wrong will not have a tick next to them. Go back and see if you can get these ones right. Then click the button above again to find out your new score.



Q2: To get into the main catalogue, click on the large photo of the catalogue in the main screen. Obvious pages to explore in the catalogue include the sections headed les filles or les garçons. The clothes are often described in rather flowery language.

Select a list of clothes and print them out. Circle the names of clothes that you recognise (e.g. "les bottines", "le pantalon", "le pull"…). With a friend, see whether you can make any sense of the description that you get if you click on one of the items of clothing.

Finally, draw or use a photo of one of your favourite pieces of clothing and describe it in French, trying to re-use some of the language you have read.


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