Unit 3

The C.A.T.S. Website

Firstly, click here to open the C.A.T.S. website.

The website will open into a different window - use your mouse to click between the two windows (or ALT-TAB to do it more quickly). Click on the "CATS." logo underneath the eyes to start.

Q1: Have a look round the homepage of the website which opens first. Look for the following French phrases and see if you can match them to their English translation:

1. un formulaire d'inscription

2. la liste des membres

3. un album de chats


4. votre journal


5. les dossiers


6. vos histoires

  Click here to find out your score:

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Any questions you got wrong will not have a tick next to them. Go back and see if you can get these ones right. Then click the button above again to find out your new score.

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