Unit 4

Maison & Travaux website

Firstly, click here to open the Maison & Travaux website.

The website will open into a different window - use your mouse to click between the two windows (or ALT-TAB to do it more quickly). Click on the "Maison & Travaux" logo in the centre of the illustration to enter the website.

Q1: Scroll down the menu page showing what is on offer in this month's issue of the magazine. See if you can match up all of the sections listed under "Actualité" (latest news) with what they mean in English.


1. Maison

2. Enfants

3. Travaux


4. Déco


5. Juridique


6. Anciens numéros


7. Jardin


8. Animaux


9. Services


10. Nos adresses


11. Abonnement


12. Loisirs


13. Courrier

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