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Le Carnaval de Binche

You have already seen a photo of the Binche Festival in your book. Discover more about it by looking at this site. The language is quite difficult, but you can enjoy the spectacular photos. To navigate around this website, choose one of the sections in the menu on the homepage. This site also pops up a little window advertising the website company that hosts the site - you'll have to ignore this though as it keeps on popping up if you close the window.


Le Site du Carnaval de St Pierre de Chandieu

This website describes "Le carnaval des gônes et des magnauds", one of many carnivals taking place every year- this one from the south of France. To discover more about this festival, scroll down the homepage and click on "Début de la visite". The menu at the top of the page gives details about the preparations for the carnival and about its events too. Most of the information about the carnivals is in the section accessed by clicking on the picture of the clown in the middle of the menu bar.