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Les Maths au Collège
If you like maths, here is the chance to do mathematical puzzles and activities online... all in French! This website has been built by a French maths teacher from a secondary school in north-west France and contains a constantly-updated list of different exercises covering all areas of maths as taught in a French collège. As this site is hosted on a free webpage, a little window advertising Multimania will pop up when the homepage opens - to avoid confusion it's best to close this (by clicking on the X in the top right corner).

Le Pic-Vert: nature webzine
If you prefer nature to maths, here is an entertaining site... and the French isn't too difficult. The main picture at the top of the homepage lists the latest articles for each section of this webzine. Underneath this picture is a list of the "archives" for the website - there are around 70 more different articles here. The icons on the left stand for the different sections of the webzine - the flying bird at the top is to return to the homepage.