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Dr Lebail's "good diet" website

This site, written by a French doctor, explains how to eat a balanced diet, and how to lose weight if you need to. You can find out how many calories there are in all sorts of different kinds of food, pick up some healthy recipes, look at the answers to common questions on diet, and much more. Scroll down the homepage to see the list of all the options...


Cuisine A-Z

If you like cooking at all, this website will be heaven - it is dedicated to French cookery. You can find recipes for any course here, as well as pick up tips on techniques, look up cooking terms (in French of course!), see what fresh food you can buy at this time of year, and even receive a recipe of the day via e-mail. You'll see all the different courses listed in the menu on the left of the screen - the latest recipes are highlighted on the main part of the page.