The assessment materials provided for fusée 1 and 2 were devised for use in conjunction with the Pupil Achievement Record to form a complete assessment package for Scottish S1 & S2 pupils.

The Pupil Achievement Record gives pupils the opportunity to take some responsibility for their own learning and to evaluate what they have learned and it gives teachers the opportunity to share learning objectives with pupils. It helps motivate pupils to work to the best of their ability and encourages preparation for assessments.

These assessments were developed for all pupils in S1 and S2 mixed-ability classes. The vocabulary and structures are those of the units being assessed. They are an opportunity for pupils to show what they have learned and an opportunity for teachers to assess important 5-14 strands in a more formal situation while other strands can be overtaken through the course-book and ancillary materials.

The Speaking assessments are open-ended to encourage pupils to say as much as they can, to speak about their experiences, to listen to others, to give opinions and to give reasons for these opinions and so help build a solid foundation for future learning.

In Reading and in Listening a more difficult assessment may have some language from previous units or language unfamiliar to the pupil but in the familiar context of the units being studied.

The Writing assessments encourage pupils to write with accuracy and include a task which allows them to express themselves more freely.

These assessments are very much a working document. They can be adapted as individual schools see fit; the marking schemes for Reading and Listening offer a guide to marking but can be adapted in the light of experience, to specify cut-off scores, to help differentiate between levels and in Speaking and Writing pupil response will help teachers to allocate levels.

At present 5-14 levels are not available but it is intended that once they are available, levels will be allocated to the assessments provided.

William Coyle
Head of Modern Languages, St. Andrew's High School, Clydebank

From this part of the fusée website you can download supplementary assessment material covering all ten units of the first part of the course. These activities have been written specifically to address the 5-14 guidelines in Scotland, but can act as useful extra assessment material to use with classes in any British school.

You can download the assessment material as Microsoft Word files below, either in separate files covering two units or a compressed ZIP file containing all the material in one document (to download each Word file, right mouse-click on the link, and select 'Save Target As').

If your computer can not receive ZIP files, click here to download WinZip or here to download PowerArchiver before you download the assessment material in ZIP format.

Units 1 & 2 Assessment: normal Word file

Units 3 & 4 Assessment: normal Word file

Units 5 & 6 Assessment: normal Word file

Units 7 & 8 Assessment: normal Word file

Units 9 & 10 Assessment: normal Word file

Units 1-10 Assessment: compressed ZIP file