This part of fusée en ligne gives both general instructions on how to incorporate ICT teaching into your French lessons, as well as a more specific description of every French site from the pupils' section of this site, along with direct links to the interactive exercises (and answers) based on the French websites

The French websites for fusée 1
The French websites for fusée 2
The French websites for fusée 3

Introduction to using the websites

Towards the end of each unit of the Student's Book in each stage of fusée, you will find several website addresses. These are also listed here on the fusée en ligne website. They have been selected because they are:

Websites vary enormously in their accessibility. Some are written in a trendy "street" language, often without professional editing. This is very challenging for non-native speakers, let along young learners. However, they also allow a fresh approach to a theme, some up-to-date lexis, and a seasonal flavour. For some students, surfing the net will always hold more appeal than reading a book or a magazine page.

Each website listed on the fusée website is accompanied by comprehension activities in an interactive format, also on this site. These activities are also all contained in the photocopy masters, at the end of the book. Many websites are regularly updated, and the activities therefore often concentrate on the language appearing on the homepage (page d'acceuil), or on the categories of information readers can look up, rather than always on the information itself. Here is one possible way to proceed:

Please note that Hodder & Stoughton Educational can accept no responsibility for pupils entering other websites outwith the suggested sites and useage framework outlined in fusee en ligne.

Some websites offer a choice of languages (or at least English) besides French. Students must obviously agree to use the French version to get any linguistic benefit from the task.

However, in some circumstances, you could ask them to look at the English version for at least part of the site, compare it with the French one and draw up their own glossary.

NB. The website addresses and accompanying activities are up-to-date when the fusée website was last updated, but due to the constantly changing nature of the Internet, it is advisable to double-check the sites and exercises before using them with students.