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This free Teacher's section contains a variety of information about fusée and supplementary material to use with the course. Click on the heading of each paragraph, or in the menu above to go to this part of the Teacher's section:
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Find out more about fusée
Discover more information about the fusée course and the ideas behind it. You can also order copies of the different components of the course, or contact our marketing department.
How to use the fusée en ligne website
This is a full guide to this website and how all the different parts of it function (in particular the Students' section).
Please note that Hodder & Stoughton Educational can accept no responsibility for pupils entering the suggested external web sites and useage framework outlined in fusee en ligne.
Using the French websites and activities with your class
Advice on using French websites in the classroom, detailed descriptions of all the sites linked to fusée en ligne, and answers to the activities in the Students' section.
Using fusée with the Scottish curriculum
This part of the site explains how fusée can be used as part of the Scottish curriculum alongside the 5-14 guidelines. There is also downloadable assessment material available here tailored especially for the Scottish curriculum.
Download free assessment material
You can download free extra assessment material from this website, in addition to what's already supplied in the Assessment section of the Photocopy Masters book.
Check fusée mapping grids
See exactly how fusée maps onto the revised National Curriculum attainment targets as well as the QCA schemes of work.
Useful educational web links
A list of useful links to educational websites in this country.

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